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Do you believe in coincidence? Do you believe in intuition? How about the feeling you get when you knew something is going to happen just before it happens?

Some believe that these are just that: coincidence, lucky guesses or strong intuition. Others believe that these
are dormant skills we all possess and with a little bit of practice we can develop these abilities and eventually KNOW what's going to happen, SEE peoples' thoughts and cause unusual events to take place using only the power of our mind.

Spidey will open your eyes and show you how
YOU can use your mind to achieve what he has; a sixth sense with no limit!


Our every day life is regulated by two parts of our mind; the subconscious, which is responsible for reflexes, instincts and emotions and the conscious which sets the limits and makes the rules... but rules are made to be broken.

Spidey will open your eyes to an experience you've never had and one you'll never have again. Whether it's an R-Rated show for an unforgivable bachelor party, a classy demonstration for a company party, or an entertaining comedy routine for the younger crowds, Spidey will bring out the comedian in all your friends and leave everyone feeling great! How great? Well, there's only one way to find out...try it!


Looking to hold the most entertaining event at your university? Spidey's shows have been incredible hits with colleges and universities. With his young and fresh look, his ability to interact with his crowd, and his unlimited expertise and originality in hypnosis, mentalism and magic, Spidey is the entertainer you are seeking to bring to your next college or university event. You want to make your school event a huge hit? Spidey Spidey will bring uncontrollable laughter to your students!

As a young and experienced performer, Spidey is able to best to respond to the entertainment needs of students than any other performer. His ability to read his audience allows him to bring the most amazing, exciting and humorous shows ever seen! He will have students become the stars of the show!

With his highly reputed hypnosis shows, Spidey will be a big hit at your campus. He will have you experience laughter like never before and have you jump out of your seat in disbelief! Unlike other hypnotists, Spidey will never never put on the same show twice, he has the ability to quickly determine what the hypnotized subjects are best at and what the audience wants and deliver an on the spot custom made show to suit your audience. Through years of experience working in resorts in the south, he has a phenomenally large repertoire of hypnotic demonstrations that appeal to a young, high energy crowd.

Whether it's a one man show on stage as a gift to your students, or a guest appearance at an existing event, in which case Spidey can walk around the festivities offering demonstrations of magic and hypnosis for small groups, Spidey will leave your students completely flabbergasted!


People have been raving about Spidey's amazing hypnosis performances at their company events. He will make your coworkers the stars of the show! Time after time Spidey has delivered high impact performances which guarantee uncontrollable laughter and a standing ovation. Every time! You will experience a refreshing new social dynamic all night that will carry on through Monday!

Spidey's long famed magic and mentalism performances have allowed him to emerge as a one man stop for a diverse variety of entertainment! Whether through strolling cocktail magic, or a major performance, he is one of the best in the business. With his hypnosis shows, and magic/mentalism performances, he will bring amazement, laughter and awe to his audience. It will be the talk of the company! Event organizers will be praised! His magic and mentalism, simply mind-blowing!

With a degree in Sociology, and an expertise in social interaction, Spidey is very experienced in emceeing any corporate event. He has also been requested for motivotional speaking seminars and can discuss the content being conveyed in a meaningful and important way. Several marketing teams have hired Spidey to attract attention towards their stations at trade shows using a mix of magic, mentalism and social interactions. Spidey will turn motivation to self-motivation!

Spidey has multiple appearances and performed live for top media like Q92 and Global TV! For more information on these appearances, please refer to Press and Media. He has travelled all around the continent with his performances, including summer shows in various Club Med locations.

Spidey specializes in corporate events as he is dynamic and adaptable. Spidey brings charismatic, fun and tasteful performances to the stage. From christmas events to company milestones, Spidey will always discuss and ensure the level of humour desired by the client. Many companies enjoy more provocative hypnosis while others are much more conservative. Spidey has prepared multiple variations of his shows to allow for the complete adherence to the event organizer's desires. So relax! Have a good time and let the good times roll with Spidey!

Spidey can entertain individuals of all ages and is well aware of the time commitment event organizers have placed in making their event a success. He understands this and will contribute to this great night by giving a great performance!

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Spidey's hypnosis shows generally range from 45m to 2hrs in order to ensure a great show. The hypnosis show consists of 15-20 volunteers from the audience that will be hypnotized and then will engage in a variety of tasteful and classy acts prepared by Spidey!


Spidey able to present his magic and mentalism in a variety of forms in order to better compliment your event. These forms include:

1) Strolling cocktail magic: presented during the cocktail portion of the evening. Spidey will approach small groups of people and astound them with a variety of magic demonstrations and mentalism feats! Spidey is an experienced teachers of interactions and one of the best ways to kick off the night!

2) Magic/Mentalism Performance: Presented in a single set or two sets to the entire audience in an amazing and humorous way.


Spidey is able to adapt to most performance area setups for his hypnosis shows, but it is imperative that the following be present:

1) A performance area of 16' x 10' is optimal. A larger stage can allow for more volunteers and a more comfortable space for your volunteers to be the stars of the show!

2) Approximately 15-20 chairs with no armrests.

3) For performances of more than 50 spectators a microphone must be provided. Wireless microphone is preferred. Regular microphone is fine.

4) Sound monitors that are directed towards the chairs on stage. This is done to allow the volunteers on stage to hear Spidey's directions much more clearly to ensure a great show.

5) Small table about waist high for props and other show materials.

6) Individual volunteers with a good understanding of English (induction performed only in English, show presented in both English and Fench).

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